Subversive Chicago pop/rock band with heavy elements of funk, r&b, jazz, sci-fi, and certain bands that the kids like to call “yacht rock”. If the cruel shoes fit, well….. Ahoy Paloy!

After years of heavy prog and jazz fusion, longtime musical collaborators, Jerry King and Dave Sistanich, wanted to be in a rock and pop band and play songs again, with horns and vocals and catchy, thoughtful lyrics and stuff. This is their¬†modern take on the jazz, funk, and soul influenced pop bands (and one in particular, ahem‚Ķ) of the late 70s and early 80s that were on the radio when they were kids. That is to say, it’s  Yacht Rock, only with balls.  After joining forces with local bass player to the stars and third musical partner John Lauler, they embarked on two plus years of writing and recording with some of the best players the Chicago music scene lending their talents to the record, all under the guidance of producer extraordinaire Ellis Clark. With the album finally released a powerhouse band has been put together to play and sing this material live (including members of the Giving Trio, Time and the New Romans, Poi Dog Pondering, Carla Prather Group, Ellis Clark and the Big Parade, and Marbin) and is being unleashed to blow unsuspecting minds and shake eager behinds coast to coast, starting with our hometown of Chicago, IL. Look for Bio pages for Dave and Jerry on this website including their other local performances as well as pages for and pictures of other band members coming soon!

  • Dave Sistanich – vocals, guitars, words, music
  • Jerry King – drums, rhythm arrangements
  • John Lauler – bass, music
  • Alex Kerwin – sax, horn arrangements
  • Danny Markovich – sax, horn arrangements
  • Greg Woods – keys, vocals, harmony arrangements
  • Carla Prather – vocals, harmony arrangements